Residential Property

Team contact: Cathie Bayfield | Linda Fletcher | Debra Kentmen | Angela Lakha | Steve Wilbourn

You want to buy, they want to sell. What could be simpler?

In an ideal world, it would be simple to buy and sell property. In principle it is. In practice, however, there are a huge number of things which must happen before the keys are handed over.

For example, you need to make sure the seller actually owns the property. You probably need to organise finance to buy it. It is the seemingly unending series of things which need to be checked that make the process sometimes seem endless. It is a process that will only move forward as quickly as the slowest part.

We think the key issues in making sure our clients come back to us everytime they move (and they do) are:

  • Keeping our clients informed about what is happening on a regular basis;
  • being organised so we drive the process on behalf of our clients - chasing up other parties in the process;
  • and offering good advice and a sympathetic ear at all times.

Have we just completed a residential property matter with you?

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