We have considerable experience assisting individuals with the following areas of dispute:

Our clients seek advice from us on a wide range of existing and potential disputes, whether as Claimant, Defendant or as a third party. Typically the disputes relate to either contracts for supplies or contracts for services.
These tend to arise in a number of different ways from small house extension projects, to much larger and more involved construction contracts, and can involve issues of warranty, such as NHBC (or similar), professional negligence (against a surveyor or architect) or issues concerning the interpretation of contractual terms. Frequently expert evidence will be required from a surveyor, and we are experienced in drawing together a team of experts to protect the interests of our clients.
We are experienced in providing advice on lease provisions, licences, forfeiture, surrender, service charges and breach of covenant.
Frequently clients will come to us with a situation with a professional, such as an accountant, financial adviser, solicitor or another professional person, where they have not received the service that they envisaged. There could be grounds for a complaint; there could be grounds for a negligence claim. There is often a fine line to be drawn between a complaint about poor or inadequate professional service, and professional negligence. While a successful complaint to a regulatory body may entitle the client to compensation, it is unlikely to deliver all the redress that the client needs in order to achieve true recompense. We will assess each case and review the appropriate levels of compensation that can be recovered, and consider the merits and potential benefit of you pursuing a claim.
This arises where comments have been published which are injurious to the reputation of another party. In some cases a client will have suffered a direct loss arising from a damaged reputation and in these cases compensation becomes of paramount need. In other cases loss is much less evident, and unless there are other issues to resolve, a published apology may suffice. Whatever the circumstances, it is important to act quickly, not only can this affect the likely outcome, but also under the Limitation Act, the claim must be presented to the Court within one year of the alleged defamatory remark.
In conjunction with our Private Client Department we advise clients who wish to challenge the provisions of a Will or the Administration of an Estate. By combining specialist knowledge with members of our Private Client Department we are able to best service your interests.
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