Individual Services

Our Individual Services are aimed at just that – you as an individual. Here we deal with issues affecting your home – buying and selling; your job and how you are treated by your employer; your Will, trusts and probate – making sure that your family, property and assets are protected, along with your welfare. As well as any personal grievances you may have, such as negligence by another solicitor or accountant for example.

These can all be emotional, sometimes difficult areas of life to deal with. This is where our expert solicitors and their focus on client care really come into their own. As one of our referees recently commented:

“The overriding impression I’ve been left with, and for me singularly the most important thing, is how they truly care about their clients. They make considerable efforts to engage with them on a level that they can understand, in a friendly and approachable way.”

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

"Our Individual Services are aimed at just that – you as an individual."