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The Companies Act 2006
The new Companies Act is the longest piece of legislation ever introduced in England. It is designed to replace virtually all existing companies legislation and to introduce, in particular, reforms that will affect directors, secretaries, auditors and shareholders of both private and public companies.
(pdf | 125kB | 56k Modem - 21 sec, Broadband - 2 sec)Recording of Phone Calls
Are your systems compliant?
Do you routinely record tenant (and other) ‘phone calls? If yes, are you aware of the legal requirements and implications?

(pdf | 177kB | 56k Modem - 30 sec, Broadband - 3 sec)Economic Woes
Economic Woes to Force Tax-Raising
(pdf | 154kB | 56k Modem - 26 sec, Broadband - 2 sec)